Private Booking simple & easy explained.

What´s Private Booking?

Private Booking is a personalized registration and booking website for your events.

You decide the texts and images yourself and, if desired, protect access with a password - this way only you and the participants have access.

What are the advantages?

You save a time-consuming hotel search, the entire administration of your group bookings, thus time & money. All registrations and changes will be made online and sent to the hotel directly. Your guests also pay conveniently online and manage their booking themselves.

You can view the current status of bookings online at any time.

How to create a Private Booking?

Just contact us for a private booking event

We do the hotel research, liaise with you, set up the website and manage all hotel bookings for you.

What does it cost?

Nothing! We offer you this tool for free.

How can I contact you?

We have caught your interest and you are planning an event?


Please contact us at


Phone: +49 (69) 98 95 78 88


We will discuss your needs and the opportunities of HCX24 with you personally. We look forward to hearing from you!