What does HCX24 stand for?

Hotel Contingent eXchange.


Who are we and why do we do this?

HCX24 was founded out of necessity. We have thought about this product in the MICE sector for a long time and nobody felt obliged to develop this kind of trading platform even though the need was obvious.


The founder and idea generator Philipp Lucke comes from the world of hotels and has been the owner of a boutique agency for hotel capacities – the ideal know-how to open up the processes. With additional support, the platform was born, developed, tested and presented. HCX24 became more and more complex and is now a state of the art online marketplace, on which public trade takes place.



Who or what is HCX24?

HCX24 is a specialized and innovative B2B online marketplace that enables to book at least 10 hotel rooms for groups live for the first time.


What is special about this is that only those events are offered that are often booked out far in advance, such as trade fairs or conferences. Here, group contingents can be booked instantly because all available rooms are displayed live.


The platform offers the unique opportunity to compare current hotel rates (for group bookings), so that the customer gets the best value for money without having to start tiring research on the Internet.

The HCX solution does not only speed up and facilitate the entire request and offer process, but also provides all parties concerned with transparence on the entire market.


On HCX24, you can search & book



What differentiates HCX24 from other portals for booking hotels?

HCX24 exclusively caters to business and enables booking 10 rooms and more per night. Another significant difference is that all contingents that are activated online can be booked without inquiry



We offer:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Live rates for online group contingents
  • Good comparability
  • Easy research
  • Structured overview
  • Time saving
  • Direct bookings
  • Uniform processing of bookings
  • Extended sphere of activity