General questions

What does HCX24 stand for?

Hotel Contingent eXchange. – an online marketplace for hotel contingents for selected events (e.g. trade fairs or conferences).

Who or what is HCX24?

HCX24 is a specialized and innovative B2B online marketplace that enables to book at least 10 hotel rooms for groups live for the first time.

What is special about this is that only those events are offered that are often booked out far in advance, such as trade fairs or conferences. Here, group contingents can be booked instantly because all available rooms are displayed live.

The platform offers the unique opportunity to compare current hotel rates (for group bookings), so that the customer gets the best value for money without having to start tiring research on the Internet.

The HCX solution does not only speed up and facilitate the entire request and offer process, but also provides all parties concerned with transparence on the entire market.

On HCX24, you can search & book.

What differentiates HCX24 from other portals for booking hotels?

HCX24 exclusively caters to business and enables booking 10 rooms and more per night. Another significant difference is that all contingents that are activated online can be booked without inquiry.

We offer:

  • 24/7 availability
  • Live rates for online group contingents
  • Good comparability
  • Easy research
  • Structured overview
  • Time saving
  • Direct bookings
  • Uniform processing of bookings
  • Extended sphere of activity


Who can use HCX24?

Everyone who signs up and acts on behalf of their company. HCX24 is a B2B platform exclusively.

How does HCX24 work?

Everyone who acts as a seller or buyer on HCX24 has to sign up first and get activated by HCX24.

Simply enter the requested trade fair, conference, country or city on the welcome page and you will get a simple overview of all bookable hotel contingents. Compare the rates, the location of the hotels, hotel services and conditions and save time by getting a clear overview without hidden costs.

You choose a hotel, enter the required number of rooms, confirm the addresses and contacts and then request the contract that you have to sign and upload within the next 7 days in order to confirm your booking. For this time span, the rooms are optioned for you. After submitting the contract, it is returned to you, signed by HCX24.

Upon receipt of the contract, your rooming list for the group opens that you can immediately edit manually or using Excel.

The rooming list is then automatically sent to the hotel.

The seller lists one or more event-specific contingents on HCX24 including the rate, the number of rooms as well as the conditions of payment and cancellation.

The HCX24 database allows for prompt entering of relevant values. Entering a contingent takes about 5 minutes.

Is it possible to book single rooms?

Yes, it is also possible to book a single room. Simply click “Single booking” and the input screen opens.

Does HCX24 also buy hotel contingents and sell them on their own platform?

No, HCX24 is a platform and serves as intermediary between buyer and seller.

How are the rates fixed?

HCX24 adopts the rates of the seller without changing them. HCX24 does not increase the rates. The rates are exclusively fixed by the seller.

What disadvantages are there with HCX24?

We thought about this question for a long time and have come to the conclusion that there are no disadvantages. If you find any, please let us know.

How safe is HCX24?

HCX24 aims at offering the highest safety to buyer and seller.

We take every booking very seriously and supervise them from beginning to end.

HCX24 is subject to the German Data Protection Act and codes its data. Personal data are used solely for booking purposes and are never forwarded – see Data Protection Act.

HCX24 developed the “cash trust” for buyers. Payments that are forwarded to the hotel via HCX24 have to be confirmed in written form by the hotel. Here, the percentual deposit of the concerned booking is confirmed.

We have all your data and documents ready in your personal account. Thus nothing gets lost.

Buyer questions

What costs are incurred by the buyer?

Using HCX24 is free for the buyer.

What advantages do I have as a buyer on HCX24?

As a buyer, HCX24 facilitates booking hotel rooms by its

  • simple and intuitive way of presentation,
  • structured overview,
  • transparent costs, and
  • the option to book immediately.

The time-consuming, complex search on websites of different suppliers and different offer types are not necessary altogether.

Who lists contingents on HCX24?

The registered user from the B2B area lists contingents – offers of private individuals are not allowed and are not displayed. Resellers include hotels, agencies or companies.

I cannot find the requested hotel or event?

If your search does not yield any hits, then no seller listed hotel contingents for the favored dates. However, you have the opportunity to send us your request directly and our hotel experts for groups will be happy to advise you and make an offer.

Where do I find the conditions of payment and cancellation?

The respective conditions of payment and cancellation are specified on the details page of the contingents. We recommend that you read the respective conditions carefully before booking.

Is it possible to cancel or change my booking?

Yes. You log in to your account, go to the respective booking and open the appropriate rooming list. Here you can cancel or add reservations. You are informed before making the changes whether you have to pay cancellation costs or not.

Seller questions

How do I forward the rooming list to the hotel?

You can use the online rooming list when you get the booking confirmation.

The list is automatically sent to the seller 14 and 3 days before the arrival – you do not have to worry.

3 days before the arrival, the rooming list is closed; from then on changes can only be made manually and for a fee by HCX24. We tell you about the costs beforehand.

What costs are incurred by the seller?

For sellers, HCX24 charges an agency fee on the realizable revenue (10 % for hotels and companies, 5 % for agencies).

What advantages do I have as a seller on HCX24?

As a seller, you can use HCX24 as an additional sales channel that enables quick and easy listing and management of your hotel contingents. You specify the booking conditions and are able to deactivate the contingent at all times, as long as the rooms are not optioned or reserved.

Regardless of whether you are a buyer or a seller, you save time in both cases.

Who lists contingents on HCX24?

The registered user lists contingents. The seller specifies the rate as well as the conditions of payment and cancellation.  Following a quick check by HCX24, the contingents are immediately activated and are henceforth visible and bookable by the customer. We recommend using the same room names that the buyer sees on the website of the hotel.

Who is the seller of hotel contingents on HCX24?

Sellers from the B2B area have the opportunity to list their event-specific hotel contingents. These include hotels, agencies or companies – individuals are not allowed to list contingents.

Is it possible to remove the contingent I listed?

Yes, it is possible. The entire or remaining contingent can be deactivated in your account at all times and can also be reactivated.

A deactivated contingent does not appear online anymore and is excluded from booking.

Can I change my contingent after listing?

Yes, this is possible in deactivated mode.

We differentiate between two options:

  1. If there have not been any bookings for the contingent yet, the booking can be adjusted completely.
  2. If parts of the contingent have already been booked, only the number of the rooms can be increased or decreased. For example, the rates cannot be changed any longer. Alternatively, the remaining contingent has to be deactivated and a new contingent has to be listed.
I cannot find the requested hotel or event?

If you cannot find your hotel or the respective event when listing your contingent, you can enter both manually and continue the listing process. HCX24 verifies your information and then activates your contingent. Your hotel and/or the new event are then included in our database.

Booking HCX24 contingent?

You can search for and book event-specific hotel contingents. The process only takes a few minutes. All rates are structured and clearly presented.

Offering your contingent on HCX24?

Sellers from the B2B area can list and manage their event-specific hotel contingents. A commission (10 % for hotels, 5 % for agents) is only charged for guaranteed bookings and after the departure of the guests.